Acne Laser Treatment

In order to clear acne laser treatment has become a very popular solution. The use of lasers and different types of light to clear acne and scars from human skin is still new but growing in popularity, especially among younger people. The use of lasers and light isn’t recommended for acne that is mild and treatable with a topical application or a special type of soap or medicine. This is a last resort, as to keep faces clear acne scar laser treatment is extremely expensive. There are two specific types of treatment: those that use direct lasers and those that use different types of light.

Laser treatments are sometimes aimed at the sebaceous glands that are naturally present in the skin. When these glands overproduce sebum (or oil), it causes breakouts. The laser is aimed at the second layer of skin where the glands reside and the glands are destroyed; the sessions may not have to last very long. However, it may take more than one session to make sure that the process is totally effective. This type of laser for acne treatment can cost up to $3000 per session and is not covered by most medical insurance companies. It can also be extremely painful afterwards, causing redness and swelling of the skin after the numbing cream used during the process wears off. Also, to reverse effects and keep skin clear acne laser removal of any scar tissue is also available.

There are treatments besides laser for acne that use different types of light. Called photodynamic therapy, it uses a variety of different types of light: pulsed, blue, or red along with topical treatments. The type of light used depends on the type and severity of the acne. Another treatment called photopneumatic therapy, actually sucks the sebaceous glands out of the skin using a vacuuming technique. After that process is done, different types of light are then used on the skin to remove any inflammation and to destroy anything that the vacuuming may have missed. These types of light treatments are very effective but also very expensive; in addition it can also cause premature wrinkling of the skin. Also, it is not recommended that a person tan while receiving these light treatments. Like laser therapy, it is unknown if these treatments are covered by any major insurance.

The level of technology used to keep skin beautiful is amazing at best. To keep faces clear acne laser treatment is a good choice, but only for those with the income to do it and those who have tried everything else.

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