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Responsive adapts your website to a design Web

Responsive uses a design Web

He is ubiquitous now! The giants of means are even resorting to him. Now it can accede and read the news in the site of the news of BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION in his smartphone, tablet or any device easily that it owns.

All the great companies or have given the jump and now have a receptive website or responsive. This last movement to cause that a giant of means, adapts its company to the new technologies is not to be strange, since its website receives around 115 million visits to the day, the visitors who accede to the site from their tablets and mobile phones are growing every year, and for that reason the previous designers Web had a great challenge that to fulfill: to guarantee the suitable operation and to maintain the appearance of the website in different navigators Web.

The arrival of the smartphones and the liking of the users to accede to the sites in its mobiles of last generation has changed all that. Now, the task before the designers and developer Web are to create a site that works in all the sizes of screen. That is what causes that the design receptive Web or responsive is still more important! The design receptive Web is to design and to codify a website in such a way that the site provides an optimal experience of user and a easy navigation through diverse devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.

There are many myths associated with the receptive design, as the belief that he is expensive. It is certain that it is needed more time and money to create a receptive site in comparison with a conventional site. Soon the necessity is saved to create separated sites for smartphones and other devices. To have a design receptive Web is an investment that will be pleased in the long term.

It raises, the design of receptive websites is essential for the optimization of web search engines. Instead of to optimize the content for multiple sites, with a receptive design you obtain an only optimized site that is easy to update and for all type of devices. The local classifications in finders are higher, the conversions increase and the rate by ricochet is lower. A URL for all the devices that it facilitates that Google indexes its website.

In addition, Google adores the design Web responsive. Then, to that it hopes to adapt its Web, it remembers that the design receptive Web does possible that its Web is seen almost the same in all the devices, adapting you redimension them to the type of screen. It does not concern which is his preference of objective public, or a tablet, iPhone, iPad, smartphone; The receptive design guarantees that the website is accessible for all! While there are different devices available to sail by Internet in the market, a receptive design will be required.