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Differences between Marketing and Publicity

The level of competitiveness of the businesses at present demand from each company time and dedication to each one of the areas in which it can take advantages on his similars and be positioned of better form, consequently can assure the prosperity its undertaking.

Marketing and Publicity, are two tools important or, rather, fundamental to obtain it. They are referred activities or intercomplementary disciplines that frequently are confused and until as synonymous. In the world of the businesses of recognizing its differences and of marking you rule where one needs the other can mean, occasionally, one of those elements that allow to leave ahead against the competition.


The Marketing of a business is the articulated activities properly and that they have as an aim to reach the maximum satisfaction of his clients. In such sense it involves the concerning actions to study consumers and users, as well as his needs with a view to using this information to conform the characteristics of products towards these slopes. For it, it conforms the action plan that elaborates the accumulation of data obtained as part also of its activities yet. It is quite clear that the intention of any idea of business is to sell its products or services and is Marketing, along with the Direction of Sales, which will entail to obtain it of the best way.


The Publicity on the other hand, implies the diffusion of goods and services, by some means, in order to conquer buyers or clients. To it has techniques of persuasion and impact, of design, among others things. It is fundamental intention of the publicity to convince to the people about kindness and benefits that offer the product, service or company that are promoted. It is all a allied activity of the sales and leaves from all the plan of marketing. At this level it lies down to be confused both subjects, Trade and Publicity. If we took, without detailing, exclusively the fact that in both cases it is persecuted to guarantee the projection of the business and the securing of the sales as main source of income for any company.

Differences between marketing and publicity

Marketing, in a fundamentalist perspective, understands centered activities in 4 basic aspects. Altogether, they are known as Marketing Mix or the 4 P: Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

When we talked about to the promotion, we are mainly speaking of the Publicity, which turns it into a component of Marketing. But not any component, but one of most important. For any plan of marketing the publicity represents most expensive. For such reason it deserves of efforts important to assure the impact.

It would be a total waste to invest great amount of money in an advertising campaign as part of a marketing plan and that the same does not obtain its assignment. The publicity requires of means or channel by which to make arrive the promotion at the objective public. These means highly are known. Press, Magazines, Radio, Television, Fences, Posters, Steering wheels, among others.

At the moment Internet has become the most important channel for the promotion of commercials in different forms as Videos, Banners, Audio, among others. So it is the importance degree that the great ones of the publicity that corporations destine organizational human and component talent of their structure to take to end this activity. Marketing is in charge to investigate the needs of the consumers whereas the Publicity sets out to draw its attention to convince to him to acquire products or to contract the services.

Marketing operates at strategic level, in as much the decisions that are taken in this scope are of corporative character. The Publicity acts at tactical level reason why their activities are of operational character. What takes to Marketing and the Publicity to a more intimate point, to say it somehow, is that the intentions of both activities support the corporative objectives. Thus also, another important element that it elevates the levels of decision of the advertising activities is their costs.

These so usually are elevated that they deserve of a great investment and the decisions around it also rise at the strategic level. If for a certain period of time, a company must undertake a plan of important and ambitious Marketing surely will entail a very high cost of publicity. The final decision to undertake this safe plan has to pass through the hands of the majors levels of decision. Owners and shareholders are those that finally determine their implementation or no.

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