Strategy Web, promotion of sales and marketing online

Some of the basic aspects about the communication in the Web are the same for the products that stop the services. In order to facilitate a fast review to him on the basic concepts that I have learned on the principles of marketing. The mixture of communication in marketing is confirmed by all the vehicles that communicate information to the clients on products and services.

The traditional components of the mixture of communication in marketing are:


Any phelp form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of the supplies of a Company, SME, or Professional, by means of a sponsor identified.

Promotion of sales

Short term incentives as coupons, prizes or discounts that stimulate the purchases of the client in the Web.

Public relations

Construction of a favorable image of the company with its public through the publicity nonphelp, the communitarian relations with the average news and events. Today through the companies of publicity of average digitalises it is possible even to be chosen in the average ones as digital newspapers, the insertion of announcements type to banner in the same.

Direct marketing

Correct use of the telephone, e-mail, and other nonpersonal tools that allow to communicate directly with specific clients to obtain a direct answer, either through means of help at the time of making a purchase in the Web or when the client asks for an alternative information of product or service that wants to buy.

Personal sale

Personal presentation of a representative of the company to realise sales and to create relations with the clients once they in touch put with the department of attention the client to solve doubts or any other solution or specific alternative that help, to finish a sale.

Once the objective client settles down itself is very important to know very clearly the steps to create an effective communication, to be able to have preparation as much the internal marketing of the company, increasing the effectiveness the deal with the client if necessary, as the additional services as those of transport, packaging, or the personalisation of the service by means of the personnel of the company.

Creating an effective communication and commercial message:

To select the objective hearing

That he includes potential buyers, usuary present and perhaps to which they influence the purchase decision.

To determine the communication objectives

That by regulating they imply goals as brings back to consciousness, knowledge, affability, preference, conviction and purchase.

To decide, with base in a budget

What as much to spend in all the campaign and what to assign to diverse types of promotion.

Creation of a message

Catching what will be to say as much, how to say it and who it will give the message or as making arrive, by the visualization of the product in the Web as as by means of banners as much advertising text publicities in digital means of publicity.

Selection of average digitalises of publicity

Among them digital communication channels or finder or digital newspaper or page specialized and compatible to the product that we sell, or also list of distribution of e-mail.

To receive the feedback

What implies to investigate what so effective was the communications to cover the objectives through the pursuits established in means with digital publicity to be able to establish the price of conversion, establishing a possible adjustment of prices of products for either improving the presence or increasing the sales when the price of conversion is cheap.

In the cases of the services or products, the steps to designate a mixture of external communication are the same. Each of these steps includes many substeps and diverse decisions, that go has to determine the success of our strategy Web.