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Phases of Marketing

Phases of Marketing

As well it is known, Marketing plays a vital role in any company. The decisions in this frame are at strategic level since they include corporative aspects on which they depend towards where the business goes on the great intentions that are desired to obtain to short, medium and long term. The Development of the Phases of Marketing implies three great global phases or, to say it of another form, three moments. In first, one is due to investigate on the surroundings of the organization and its own qualities to collect important data, to tolo which is known him as Analytical Marketing.

With the collected data then home can be given the planning, to determine goals and to define the strategies, tactics and action to reach them, consequently we are speaking of Strategic Marketing. And, finally, all the pertinent actions must put into action the plan and be commanded their pursuit and to arrive at happy term from the same, moment at which we were developing Operational or Operative Marketing.

Analytical marketing

The Development of the Phases of Marketing initiates with an arduous research work, of field and deep analysis that it has as intention to study the market to collect important data that they allow to determine reasonable positions to determine the strategies to follow, this is Analytical Marketing. However, in question all this? , to go to the search of much required information. It is necessary to know, first that nothing, as they are the preferences of the public as far as our product type, so that it serves to us to defining his characteristics based on satisfying the needs with the buyers or clients.

Thus also we can know the characteristics or details on our clients, the people who demand our products or services, allowing to know us and to organize according to ages, sort, professions, sports, religions, economic situation. Another type of information that can be obtained is about the height and fall of the demand of products according to times of the year, as well as places with greater demand than others.

All this can be obtained by means of a Study of Market, which understands a series of activities and the application of techniques and professional tools to collect all the wished data. In some cases, if the company does not count on a organizational dependency of marketing can contract and to pay the services of other than is dedicated to this type of things. To take to end a market study must allow us to investigate very well on the competition. It is very important that to know what are doing companies of the same branch, which are the characteristics of their products, the acceptance and rejection that have in the market, which is its capacity of production, which is its level of participation in the market, with which equipment and machineries count.

But everything does not finish there. In this phase also it is required to generally investigate the surroundings of the business. To know all the legal, political and economic aspects within the region and/or country, macroeconomic indicators that influence our company (positively or negatively). Thus also, relations with other countries, amount and reputation of suppliers of our raw materials and consumptions, as well as the availability of the same. One is due to investigate until in the geographic, climatic details, of seasons, among others, that are related to the production and the sale of our products or benefit of services.

It is counted or not on funding sources?

This question is due to be able to respond in this phase. It is necessary to investigate which are the sources of funding available, if they are public or private, which are the levels of funding that grant and the requirements to be able to choose to their grantings. Also it is necessary to know in detail the conditions as terms, interest rates, guarantees well, sanctions, between many things more. If the business is in an initial stage of undertaking is due to know the availability human talent and manpower with the profiles that are required.

It is needed, inclusively, to know if we will have access to formation spaces deprived public or for the permanent update of the personnel. To internal it one needs to know in detail the capacity production the company, the competitions of the human capital, the financial resources which it is had, machinery, equipment, type of technology. He is vital to be clear as far as all the resources on that it tells to the company and its characteristics. This, is not more than a synthesis of everything what implies Analytical Marketing and a study of market. It is a work of extreme importance and for which there is to become qualified to be able to undertake it of satisfactory way, guaranteeing that all the data generated in this phase is trustworthy, excellent, useful and organized well.

Strategic marketing

When a company counts the accumulation of required data yet, the moment arrives for planning, that is to say, for defining the strategies and for elaborating the plan. It is the hour of Strategic Marketing. A company must define towards where it wants to go, to determine its objectives and I put. The same must be attainable in function to their reality, but they also must be ambitious. In such sense, for example, the company could define new goals of production and sale, obtaining of a greater portion of the market, systematic evolution of its products, impact on new segments, expansion towards new markets or is local or international.

The company could consider in addition changes to technology of production, reduction of personnel, reduction of costs, opening of the new premises, alliances with other public companies or organizations, substitution of internal functions by outsourcing, migration of management systems, among others things. Other important determinations go related to the same product. On such sense the expositions can be based on improvements of production, addition of new benefits or elimination of some, new presentation, new channels of distribution, improvement of the publicity or reduction of costs in the same, incorporation of new systems of promotion and sale, qualification of sales staff and many more.

The plan of marketing proper must have established the goals of sales, objective market, clear segments good. What fundamentally it must contain is Marketing Mix or Mixture of Trade. To this they also call the 4 P to him (Product, Price, Promotion and Place). In as much, these represent the pillars of the trade planning. It is a quite ample subject and object of study in this area of so important knowledge for the world of the businesses. Bond to emphasize that, of these four components, the one is the promotion that will consume the greater amount of economic resources, reason why the decisions around it affect the same survival of the company directly.

The availability or of these resources we will not be able to know it if it has been investigated properly in the previous phase. Along with the definition and detail of the 4 P in the plan, it must also determine the tactics of sales. Although marketing facilitates means and creates the best conditions to sell, this will not be possible finally if the suitable measures are not implemented to make specific the sales. Marketing and Sales never must go separated. In the war, the sports and also in the businesses, the clear definition of the strategy will only be able to ensure the success. Then, around the businesses, the vital phase is this one to determine such strategy. Indeed this stage decisions of the high level of the organization enter game also.

To this Strategic Planning or Managemental Planning is denominated to him and, although we are speaking of another subject, cannot never take place separately of Marketing, because to assume such decisions without the required information they will put in risk the profit of the raised intentions. It is of supreme hierarchy to have clarity on the strengths and weaknesses that the company has, as well as the opportunities and threats that surround to him. Also, according to they are the circumstances, the company will be able to redefine his mission and its vision, as well as to reframe his corporative values and principles, new competitions.

Operational marketing

It is the moment for acting, to put into operation all the plan, has arrived the hour from Operational Marketing. If in the plan a certain advertising campaign is contemplated is moment for activating it, to spread it at all costs that has been defined. This to say something than could contemplate the trade plan. This stage or phase is the one that contemplates the operativity, the home of a whole plan that it has as intention to satisfy the demands of products and services of the clients to turn them into concrete sales and to generate the tried income.

The Direction of Sales plays a fundamental roll when having to undertake all the activities of commercialization using the predicted means and channels such as telephone calls, delivery of steering wheels, contact in shopping malls, campaigns by means of Internet, among others. Home occurs to the Program of Marketing Mix, being fundamental element the promotional component, all the communicational tasks that were planned with a view to obtaining the goals of sales.

The communicational work in this stage is the one that greater amount of resources and efforts will consume, reason for which concentrates much attention exceeds yes, especially in the decision-making high levels, watching the fulfillment of the anticipated activities, evaluating corrective the promotional tasks and applying in those points where it is necessary. That is to say, direction and control are development in the heat of more than ever. The activities of operative marketing also imply a little compilation of information. It is to emphasize that in this stage all the action with the clients is developed in touch. Who participate in this they are in the privileged position to receive feedback, to compile it, to organize it and to provide all the data obtained for the decision making to short and medium term.

In summary, this phase of marketing is the execution of the strategic plan and all the actions that entails, directing to all the body of work and controlling tasks, sharpening the use of the resources, maintaining strict monitoring on the anticipated course to reach the objectives and I put wished.