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Marketing of Spheres or PBM

The marketing based on the people (PBM) is the gold standard in present marketing, particularly in the health care. Although the pharmaceutical brands are increasing the maturity of marketing to satisfy better the individual needs, its capacity to influence in the numerous ones interested in the health that still surround to each patient presents an important challenge. Five domains centered in the people must be controlled to measure and to manage the individual relations, to align better the influence programs and to optimize general the cumulative impact in the behavior. These domains, or spheres, out of line include not only the digital traditional commitments and, but also customized experiences and campaigns orchestrated created in the platforms of marketing in the today cloud.
From the persistent identity to marketing in the cloud driven by the artificial intelligence (IA), the management of the holistic experience is now the distinguishing seal of the leadership of the brand, independent of the category. Here it is how PBM plays a key role:

To influence in the individual patients requires to understand how they look for to participate within the complexity of his ecosystems based on the medical care.

Instead of to orient experiences of content and announcements to anonymous prospectuses based on cookies (that have numerous disadvantages), the selling ones now can individually arrive at well-known clients, through the tie devices that use, in each stage of the route of the client.
The automatization platforms can be rationalized and now be connected to inform action and the decision making next better.

Multiple programs now are coordinated, measured and managed more easily to feed more intelligent models of attribution. Here it is where the domain of the five spheres of PBM enters game.
To be successful in the complex ecosystem of today: in order to execute programs in this surroundings, the specialists in marketing must execute more programs based on the people at variable levels of maturity more than ever. In spite of this, in 2019, Pharma still spent $ 8,2 billions in direct publicity to the consumer (DTC). It is not possible to be hoped that the total influence of the ecosystem through the interruption, the repetition and the ubiquity of the message maximizes the influence as the ribbon for the experience of the client rises.

The more individual or professional patients of the health and their behaviors know to the brands on, the more will be able to create customized experiences of marketing that resonate as authentic and genuinely excellent for them.

There are two more important spheres that they require themselves to execute the marketing based on the people, which is in the capacity to measure and to manage the individual relations concerning the population. These two domains include not only the types of traditional and new means, but also organizational and technological considerations key that must advance at the same time. The success in an area cannot be obtained without success in the other domains critics:

  1. The psychological sphere. It maintains the best parts of the patrimony of the publicity, while it improves the direction and the capacity of direction to increase the personal relevance. It inlays the positioning of the brand and affects the change of behavior in all the public by means of the insertion of terms, phrases or emotions nail on the health in the processes of consideration and evaluation of the ecosystems. The announcements and the content still serve as abbreviation of complex concepts, inspiring actions or triggering positive feelings in the people and within the community.
  2. The public sphere. It uses data to identify concentrations of the most valuable objectives of the categories.