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Marketing of Guerrilla

The publicity, as part of Marketing, is an indispensable activity to achieve the commercial objectives of any business. Nowadays the market is full of infinity of advertising messages in different formats. This variety is necessary because the primary objective of the publicity is to produce impact and to manage to persuade to the potential clients on the purchase of our products.

Although the human creativity is infinite, is common that many advertising messages do not vary some of others, which sometimes turns them into little attractive. One says that there is advertising saturation, and this consequently brings the profit of little impact or no, consequently the investment in publicity is lost, having stopped to contribute within reach of organizational goals. Of this form, the necessity arises to go to strategies, tactics and techniques that allow us to leave the routinist and to create real impact, doing use of the nonconventional thing, to break with the traditionally accepted structures, so that they can surprise and obtain effects of fast form, that is to say, Marketing of Guerrilla.

What is the Marketing of Guerrilla?

It is the application, efficient and coordinated of nonconventional strategies of Marketing, that have the intention to arrive differently at the public, reason for which, around the advertising thing, very many creativity deserves. It is characterized to require a minimum investment and to obtain discharge diffusion. Another important aspect that it implies the Marketing of Guerrilla is that it is based on the application of publicity that is totally novel and authentic, that never has been used before, consequently it is tried to cause surprise in the public.

The use of the Marketing of Guerrilla must cause a level of impact, that generates in the people astonishment and admiration, to the point to impel to them of automatic form to reproduce and to spread the information with other people, being obtained of this form a long-range promotion to a very low cost. In such sense, it is possible to be affirmed that the techniques of Viral Marketing are immersed in this thematic one. It is of extreme benefit his application for the small businesses, which do not count on high budgets to invest in advertising campaigns of spread. Of this form, they count on a set of alternatives that can make him obtain good promotion and help to reach their goals of commercialization.

Origin of the Marketing of Guerrilla

The term Marketing of Guerrilla was coined by Jay Conrad in years €˜80. The name indeed comes from the resemblance of his to drive with respect to the guerrilla organizations. It is worth to emphasize that the guerrilla organizations, when not counting on the same great resources of their enemies, appeal to operations of surprise and impact. In the plane of Marketing, as already he has been mentioned, it is used scarce resources in the application of publicity with the intention to cause great impact. The Marketing of Guerrilla requires smaller investment, but it is worth to clarify that it is not a free activity totally of costs. Thus also it is not the application of advertising operations lightly, is everything a set of strategies, tactics and trade activities that must well be planned, be coordinated and be directed by far I dye. It does not have turns as that an organization has to realise to see that results can obtain, because no, it must have intentions defined very well and to project of such form that can be predicted, of considered form, his reaches.

  • Advantages of the Marketing of Guerrilla
  • According to all the described one we can visualize a few advantages, between most excellent we have:
  • Investment of low cost.
  • Traditional advertising means independence.
  • Generation of the high impact and great diffusion.
  • Minimisation of the conditions of disadvantages in front of great corporations.
  • Short profit of objectives to and medium term.
  • To turn the campaigns into viral promotions by means of the social networks.
  • It is an even excellent option to present a brand.



It consists of using a public space to occupy it and to take part in the same, of such form that draws attention. He is something that you go beyond placing an announcement in public place. The intervention on the space must cause impression on the people who frequent the place.


In this technique one employs very well-known actors or no, to appear of surprise form in some place very frequented, with the intention of realising some activity that draws attention. Thus, for example, some act of magic can be realised, dances, dramatisation, among others things. Sometimes, at the home the public indicates interest to observe the facts without having clarity of the looked for objective, finally he deciphers the content of the message and he receives it from nice form. Within this category it is located what Flashmobs is denominated.


Unlike the Performance, with this technique it is persecuted that the public is not simply a spectator, but also that participates actively. In the same way, one is found on a space with much affluence of people where to become jumbled to the public to participate in an activity previously planned. Evidence is taken from the same and soon it is possible to be spread, in addition to the own diffusion that will do by own counts the participants.


It consists of the accomplishment of some type of announcement, that generates the sufficient impact as driving the people to spread it independently. Nowadays one leans in the social networks, in Internet. Frequently it is applied by means of videos of high impact. So it is his importance nowadays that it is all a thematic call Viral Marketing.

Concealed publicity

It is the positioning of announcements in films, soap operas and videos. The products are shown or they are mentioned as if they were natural elements of the used resource. There are some who consider that this type of publicity, by his subliminal way, fits within the Marketing of Guerrilla. However, some authors consider, independent of their validity and effectiveness, that are outside the context of this subject. This comes from the fact that generally this type of publicity is useful for brands already positioned and known, generally. In addition, on the other hand, its cost usually is quite high.