Marketing online

Digital marketing

The means availability in Internet contributes to the marketing strategies a new space where to promote a business. Nevertheless, the reality takes to us further on, that is to say, not only we can speak of a new space, but of a whole accumulation of impensadas possibilities decades back. Such possibilities take step the new one was communicational and, in this way, new forms to hit commercially.

To apply all the traditional techniques of marketing by means of Internet takes to speak to us of Digital Marketing, adding new forms to communicate and to arrive at the public, to promote the sales and to establish permanent relations with clients. The era of Digital Marketing is in expansion fullness. Traditional Marketing does not have to be discarded, but nowadays it becomes an important alternative but not main it.

It is in average digitalises where one is all the majors possibilities of arriving towards those who we want and to open channels for the most direct commercialization, fast, reliable and favorite. The average ones for Digital Marketing are totally available for all, the innumerable possibilities we have them to the reach. It is not a fashion, it is a new form of commercialization that has prevailed, reason why the commercial success of any business of nowadays, widely depends to use these means and tools. Not to do aims directly it at many limitations or the total defeat. We do not have to remain back, is hour to initiate the promotional management and commercial through Internet, it is hour to initiate our Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

To speak of Digital Marketing is not only to allude to the application of the set of strategies, techniques and processes of commercialization through average digitalises. Marketing is the guarantee that has any business to reach its commercial objectives and obtaining of economic benefits, telling on the digital platform that it offers Internet next to the accumulation of advantages that this provides.

The changes that have been generated with the disposition of average digitalises have happened in a radical upset of the form to make marketing. Therefore, for many authors, Digital Marketing is to go beyond a form simple to classify this area of businesses, is rather what supplants what previously we knew. This comes dice by the existence and massive use from different means to obtain data. Diverse types of devices exist to have access to Internet, as smartphones and tablets.

So it is the case that, in some countries, these devices are moving to the desktop computer as used means to realise activities in Internet. Of course, this provides its mobility and the advance of the telephone services. Being these, the main mechanisms that the public uses search products and to buy them, logically that the businesses must adapt to this reality and with them all their activity of Marketing, which today we denominated Digital Marketing.

Average for digital marketing

Portal Web

Firstly what it requires a business this of having an own portal. Of this form can to present of form attractive all the information on his activity economic, data to know company, products that makes (or services that renders), information of availability of the same, among others things. In some cases, some companies have a common portal, one in which can, along with other companies, to add and to present data on their business, information of contact, photographies, videos and more. An economic alternative somewhat more modest and with little less than impact, represents it the blogs.

For any business it is possible to be counted on gratuitous tools to present all the information by means of an own blog. Of course, this option has certain limitations. To count on an own portal offers the opportunity to turn simple information into a sophisticated site but and with interactive alternatives, as successfully obtaining opinions, affiliating clients and to create virtual store to sell directly by Internet.


The e-mail is one of main mass media with which it had his homes Internet. To have an e-mail account is fundamental nowadays for any person and still more for a company. In fact, some companies manage a set of accounts of mail of their personnel in certain cases, as the corporative businesses with ample areas of activities. By means of e-mail the companies can send and receive information.

To put itself in touch with suppliers and, by all means, clients. By this route he is totally feasible to send promotions of sales, of affiliation, among others things. Some strategies of trade imply the shipment of commercials to mail accounts. According to the Internet activity that realises the same, of selective and or coordinated form, the messages to buying or contracting potentials of services are emitted.

Social networks

The Social Networks, are the digital spaces with greater presence of users at present. Among others, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, Twitter and many more. In these means the people place personal information in the same way to share, photographies, videos, texts, being their interest to see this type of information of other users. These conglomerates of cybernauts allow then the commercial promotion, exchange of information, sale, affiliations, between great variety of things.

It is possible also to be created certain groups of interest, between which they emphasize those of sales or those of interchanges. In this sense, it is possible opening accounts of these networks for each business, and within the same to place information about the company, to put it in view of million possible buyers or contractors. Thus also space for immediate interaction can be adapted, making promotions, contests, sales, videos in alive. All this with a view to gaining conversion of all this activity by means of the sales. The social networks count in addition on services for the positioning of announcements.

Very popular in this sense they are Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Of this form, the services offer different formats from announcements to use in pages and in searches, so that they are visible to the public under different circumstances during his connection and, possibly, it can accede giving click on the same, causing a possible purchase. The communication in social networks requires of specialized work by means of which the communicational activity of positive form can be generated.

This requires of much creativity and the application of techniques to gain public. In as much, professionals exist who serve these of individual form or by means of agencies. If social networks one is, the companies must make a great activity of communicational, clear management, needs, creative and proactive, that allows him to catch great attention, to gain many followers and to expand its reach every day on the public, which will become, with the due management, in clients.

It is necessary to also aim in this sense at WhatsApp. Somewhat different a social network, but also very used. It is of great impact by means of the use of mobile phones at present, reason for which also one becomes means important and appreciable to realise promotions, contacts with clients and many of the options already mentioned.


It is thus denominated to the activity to buy and to sell in electronic mediums. Many forms exist to make specific sales through Internet. On the one hand, they are denominated Market Place, that is spaces as social networks, destined mainly to the activity of purchase and sale. Example of it is Free trade. The social networks allow the creation of groups and pages that can also be destined to Market Place. To participate in this type of space is important, although not as fundamental channel, because as additional alternative means.

It is necessary to consider that great amount of public also goes to these spaces in the search of articles and services. Other businesses, nevertheless, when not counting on an own portal, can make use of these average ones as their main channels of commercialization in Internet. With the positioning of good amount of products, with appropriate images and videos, with the sufficient information, competitive prices and a high degree of responsibility in the deliveries, any business can gain significant customer as it makes specific his sales, each one of as, as well, they become elements to contribute with the spreading of his reputation.

This is taken statistically by the administration of the Market Place portal and the obtained score will be reason for the generation of confidence towards more and more new clients. On the other hand, other companies have also their own space to sell, have their Virtual Store. Of this form they place all articles, the details and the prices. Thus also information of the company and whichever promotion of sale are possible to generate. Some businesses only sell to clients affiliates, reason for which its virtual store must owns the elements in screen for harvesting of the data and home of session for the same, if outside the case. Some virtual stores have gained such fame that are referring a world-wide one, so is the case of Amazon or eBay.

Another interesting form, consists of the use of applications for telephones. Some companies grant the client to him, free, the application so that it installs it in his mobile and thence to ask for articles or services. The sales of food with home delivery are examples of this type of application. However, applications also exist where a business can be affiliated, so is the case of PedidosYa. The option to apply will depend on the nature of each company, the article type that offers (or services), the budget available for the corresponding adjustments and the means on which it counts for the distribution and it gives.

Positioning SEO and SEM with announcements online

When the users resort to Internet to find information use the finders, for example, Google or Yahoo (to only name 2 very well-known ones). Thence a word or phrase writes and the finder places in screen a group to him of results in function to the solicitd thing. To this it is called organic results. Thus also, some of the results appear of first with the word €œAnnouncement€. If a user realises a search related to our business, between the results he could appear our company.

Of this form it would be On guard to enter our portal, blog, lies down virtual, according to is what we arrange. The question is how can the connection towards our business of being in such results? As well it is known, the results are in several pages, but by regulating the usuary ones only take first. The finders use some type of algorithm by means of which they give relevance him to certain connections, to some but that to others. To cause that our business appears between the group of the first results requires of application of optimized content and the payment of campaigns.

To the first alternative SEO is denominated to him (Searching Engine Optimization), and consists of a set of techniques applicable to the writing of the contents of our portals or blogs, of such form that manage to position themselves in the first results. To do this requires of certain technical preparation or at least the hiring of people or agencies that take care of these services. The other form to obtain positioning on the front page in paying announcements. For example, Google has a denominated service Google AdWords, by means of which it is possible to be created campaigns with varied advertising elements and to cause that our company appears between the main results, with the denomination of announcement. Also there are other types of announcements that can be placed in other pages and, with such appearances, to increase the possibilities that the potential clients click in the same and thus to enter the information that interests to us that they see.

To this form to obtain but it is present in the finders denominates SEM to him (Searching Engine Marketing). This also is possible to apply in mobile phones. And, as already we mentioned, it is necessary to consider that, nowadays it is the device but used in great amount of countries by the users to have access to Internet. Of this form, it is practically managed to have presence, publicity and promotion the 24 hours of the day.

The conversions and the return of the investment

In the subject of Digital Marketing, for their management, many businessmen always resort to the question of how much he costs and how long will take to recover the investment. To obtain the recovery of the investment requires that all the direction of marketing entails to conversions, that is to say, to obtain that their promotions make effective the sale of their articles.

To hit upon with the correct campaign, the use of the average ones adapted and to obtain the wished impact is not something easy, reason why specialized talent or companies is due to go to that serve these. At least, methods and tools also exist to obtain useful data statistical that it will facilitate the decision making to be dosing and fitting the promotions, channels, announcements, interactivity and all the necessary one to arrive at the public, to gain clients and to make specific sales.