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What is direct marketing?

Direct Marketing is the application of a set of techniques and tools of marketing appointed to the pick up of new clients and action to maintain the already existing ones. If we looked well, as far as intention, he is very similar to Relational Marketing, nevertheless, implies the task elbow elbow with the client. Direct bonding with the potential client becomes, which already has been well-defined ahead of time.

That is to say, the due segmentation around several excellent aspects in social, professional, economic, the generational thing has already been made, among others. This is going to depend on the product or service to sell. The means used for the pick up are e-mail, telephone calls, door-to-door, catalogues, among others Direct Marketing deals with the strategies promotion and ideal product sale for some product types, especially those that, by policies of the business, are commercialized of direct form of a salesman towards the clients, without having intermediaries of by means.

This it is the case of some companies that do not place their products in the bookcase of any shopping mall or supermarket, but go directly on the potential clients to offer and to sell articles. Direct Marketing, unlike Relational Marketing is a little more focused in the client and his characteristics, trying more than to gain a client, to obtain its permanence next to the business, reached a level of important confidence. On the other hand, its application entails to the handling of useful information that it allows to measure the results of constant form.

Advantages of direct marketing

One of the main advantages of Direct Marketing is the conditions under which it is possible to be made measurable verifications, since it can quantify the answers of the clients since the same are received from direct form. This has to allow us to measure the yield of the campaign or action that we do against this background. Additionally, the direct bonding also facilitates the very useful qualitative information to us to make decisions on all the activity from promotion and sales.

Another important aspect has been that, the advance towards the commercialization for of frontal way, towards the potential client, who already has been classified around the criteria required for the type of business which we have and the products that we make to him available. The probabilities of making specific sales effectively are harnessed and it diminishes lost of time and the efforts. By means of Direct Marketing, generally, the business to house of the client takes. To place in the comfort of its home our products and thence, in the heat of the moment, to show to him to all the kindness and benefits than we offer.

This creates the exclusive feature sensation. The client expresses confidence on the company and assumes his importance for the same. This modality is the one that obtains of effective form but the loyalty of the client. It is necessary to emphasize that, in this scope, all the gained clients get to feel taken care of very well and appreciate the communication level that has been obtained with them. Of this form, they assume its roll as important part of the company, trusting the offered attention and remaining throughout the time as buyer and user.

Dimensions of direct marketing

Ideological dimension

Important companies have achieved their success thanks to Direct Marketing. They exclusively realise the distribution of his products by means of his associate salesmen or distributors. Of this form they gain an exclusive feature prestige on his brand and products. In such sense, they orient his objectives to the permanent satisfaction of his clients, as much by the form of the distribution of his products as by the continuous after-sales benefit on watch.

The direct bonding with the clients, as already it has been mentioned, offers the possibility of improving the relation business and client. Of this form all the products and services can be adapted of perfect way to their needs. The company counts on the necessary thing to evolve progressively around which their clients wish and in this way they guarantee to remain in the time, they constantly assure his continuity and the profit his objectives.

Operational dimension

Of a whole accumulation is had techniques and tools by means of which the commercialization activates effectively. These techniques and tools convincingly have been proven and validated. In order to go to each client also it counts on tools for the rise of data, designed according to the variables and values of segmentation that requires the business. The commercial operativity tour around the policies of the company and takes place according to the criteria that have been defined towards their clients.

Analytical dimension

The definition of criteria for segmentation, the design of commercialization strategies, the tools made for the boarding of clients, the mechanisms of obtaining of data and the processes of closing of sales, obeys to all the information that is possible to obtain by means of Direct Marketing. It is for that reason that properly involves permanent activities of information analysis, which can provide the necessary thing to develop the commercialization, adapted towards the profit of the objectives of the business.

It is possible to emphasize, in addition, that the verification of the yield is facilitated, since for it also the necessary information thanks to the direct bonding with the client is obtained. Each business can use tools of conventional analyses and design its own indicators, that allow to measure and to verify the yield him of the business and the return of their investment as far as the marketing activity.

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