Marketing Online, commercial strategy in average digitalises.

In simple term it is an action, a process or an execution, something that cannot be seen, be touched or be felt, that transforms into intangible actions and executions

To be more concrete they are the actions by which a product or service is informed public with the purpose of to establish a trade relation. It is the immediate tool of being able to arrive at the objective public of the fastest, efficient and simple form. Turning the results into something tangible as sales or the use of means, app, or system with the purpose of to obtain a benefit as the hearing. Nowadays methods, tools to be able exist to see, to touch, contributing constant value with a simple and simultaneously visible control. To know to the effect as much that cause in our strategy, entering the yield and increasing the commercial growth as corporative of our company or project. Nowadays it is easy to mount a store online and to obtain sales within the first month. To have this type of efficiency helps to that the companies value better the investment in average digitalises, forcing the same to have a more active, constant presence de futuro and with vision. To secure the objectives of sales within the first month in the network, requires of one long experience directing projects with the aim of shortening to the way between the client and the salesman.

With base to the ample sense of the simple definition, it is necessary to have of the time and specific budget to develop a strategy, and the knowledge to do, to canalize the success of any webpage. Any sector does not exist in which a commercial strategy cannot be done using marketing, if it is certain that there are several sectors that cannot be sent at international nor often national level, although if it is possible to be done thanks to the technological advances of many companies that offer services of publicity online to which we will call local marketing, where we can implement a campaign in which a city or a province is only included. Increasing therefore the capacity of supply through relatively modern means, replacing classic means of publicity in A-5 sheet or pamphlets, avoiding I squander of the paper at the time of making door-to-door, and obtaining tangible and simultaneously economic results.

Thanks to this the possibilities of hiring of external services of marketing for average digitalises grow, seemingly the idea is simple, but its implementation requires of some complex technical aspects, where the professionals have the capacity structuring, development and experience necessary to take their business successfully to the network.

Intangible services

He is compatible with the ample sense of the definition that we mentioned, that one that it defines to the services that loans and to include all the economic activities whose result is not a product or physical construction, that is consumed generally at the moment that takes place and that provides value added when adding aspects (as the coexistence, entertainment, opportunity, comfort, learning, leisure or health) that essentially is intangible preoccupations for that acquire them for the first time. This definition also has been used to deliniar the sector services of the economy:

  • Transport and services public.
  • Transport.
  • Local and interurban transit of passengers.
  • Transports terrestrial and warehouses.
  • Distributions of water and drinks.
  • Aerial transport.
  • Pipes, except those of the natural gas.
  • Services of Transportation.
  • Communications.
  • Telephony and telegraphs.
  • Transmissions of radio and television.
  • Services of electrical energy, gas and toilets.
  • Commerce wholesale.
  • Commerce retail.
  • Financiers, of insurances and real estate.
  • Institutions of deposit.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Merchandise, stockbrokers and service.
  • Runner, insurance agents and service.
  • Real estate.
  • Instrumental societies and other companies of investment.
  • Other services.
  • Hotels and other sites of lodging.
  • PS.
  • Enterprise services.
  • Repair, service and parking of automobiles.
  • Diverse services of repair.
  • Cinemas.
  • Diverse services of recreation and relaxation.
  • Services of health.
  • Legal services.
  • Educative services.
  • Social services.
  • Organizations and associations.
  • Services Web.
  • Diverse services.
  • Deprived domestic services.
  • State and local governmental institutions.

Marketing of Services

It is important to learn on the marketing of services, the quality in the service and the administration of the same. The forces are many that have brought about the growth of the services, and also many the industries, companies and people that have defined the scope of the concepts, the work marks and the strategies that delimit their field. Helping to establish an economy based on the services. The development of concepts and strategies of marketing of services has responded, first of all, to the tremendous growth of the industries of the services and, consequently, to that they acquire increasing importance within the economy of our country and the entire world. Most of the absolute growth in terms of the number of uses and the index of faster growth within the information regarding the use is located in the industries of services, including also to independent SMEs and professionals.

Indicator of the economic importance of the services

The first indication is the increase of its commerce anywhere in the world. In fact, while the trade balance of the goods remains in red numbers. The suppliers of services of world-wide class, along with many other small businesses of services, export information, creativity or technology that the world hopes with avidity, although still do not know as using it or the importance which in the future they go has to have in its own lives, so that thanks to the good marketing soon they will begin to comprise of his lives. An increasing market of services exists and its predominance is increasing in the economies worldwide, not only in the one of Spain. As it is possible to be observed that 60% of the Spanish GDP are based on services giving use to 50% of the Spaniards.

Homes and development of marketing in the administration of services

At the outset almost all the interest and impulse came from the industries of traditional services, as much banking as of health care. Although the industries of traditional services evolved until reaching major competitiveness, the necessity of efficient strategies of administration and marketing still remains. Nevertheless, at present other as much technological sectors as of manufacture, also recognize the necessity to serve of quality in order to compete in the world-wide scope. The great companies have noticed that a high percentage of their volume of sales and gains comes from the services.

Effective use of strategies of commercial growth

The great companies of electricity, technology, telephony and computer science of consumption until only do few years obtained their gains of the sales of their products, now try to transform themselves quickly into suppliers of services as much for their products in the matter of security as for new products of pure services. It is what it is known within the companies as the third industrial revolution, offering services in order to impel the growth of the sales of his own products, from services of post-sales for the products that makes, financial services so that their clients have the opportunity to buy their products, of transmissions, consultancy or insurances. The effective promotion of the services is realised using the best commercial strategies, in the new digital systems as means to arrive at potential clients thanks to marketing online.