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Relational marketing

Relational marketing

The great challenge of commercialization for any company is to obtain its goals of income by means of the pick up of clients and to make specific sales. The efforts for this concentrate in all the combined tasks, and coordinated well, between Marketing and the Direction of Sales. In past decades the departmental dispute was frequent, between Marketing and Sales, in the great corporations, with a view to be sold the profits on the commercialization goals. Nevertheless, as already the truth is known, is that the required thing around the goals, turns them into intercomplementary units of work. The other aspect, is that, in the past, when taking shape the sales occurred by fact that the efforts and actions had already reached their assignment.

Of this form, little importance to the maintenance of the relations with the client occurred him very. Some activities became of tending public relations, somewhat, to contribute with the sales as a species of transverse axis or support, without handling point targets on the same sales. It was assumed that the activities of the public relations affected the sales positively, but without counting on real mechanisms and methodologies that could measure their contribution. And, in addition, they were concentrated in which such contributions were on the pick up of new clients. Nothing to say that this is bad, but had to be complemented. In the present times, that direct their businesses efficiently, they are well clear in that the actions are due to take seriously destined to maintain and to reinforce the relations with the clients.

The relations with the client

The generation of new clients nowadays does not concentrate only in obtaining a sale, but in catching the attention, impelling and to maintain in the time a friendly, stable and beneficial relation for both parts (company €“ client). In order to walk in this tonic, the businesses must adapt their form of treatment with the clients, visualizing who each satisfied client is a permanent buyer of products of the company and an additional channel to promote our business through recommendations. Relational Marketing not only focuses in the permanent satisfaction of the clients of integral way and in the pick up. An important element that it is involved in all this is the interactivity, that allows to strengthen bows for a lasting relation in the time, in that can we have obtained the loyalty of our clients. Beyond the clients, Relational Marketing persecutes a unification of bows, not only with the clients, but also with the suppliers, the distributors and the employees. The idea is that around these elements a confidence relation exists, of satisfaction based on quality. This it is known him as Network of Marketing.

Network of Marketing

They are the bows consolidated between a company, clients and groups of interest, through the mutual collaboration and in which all benefit. Of this form, the business must especially change the perspective one on its collaborative means and on the clients. That one notion is due to leave back in which the client only is observed as a species of transaction in which an entrance is obtained. Therefore, an integral climate of its satisfaction with the product or service that we offered him, as with the relation must settle down as much that we maintain permanently as important part of our organization. On the other hand, in addition to the customer, as part of the groups of interest for the business, they are our employees, suppliers, distributors, outsourcing, among others. In as much, when we spoke of integral satisfaction also involves all this. It is for that reason that the management, action and decisions of Relational Marketing must be directed to obtain the satisfaction of the groups of interest as integral part of the business, sight as a whole, the Network of Marketing.

Advantages of relational marketing

To count on a Network of Marketing ensures the success for any business in the time. All the elements that compose our network become very important allies and thus they perceive it, with a level of clarity on such subject, without they interfere average disguised, but of a frontal and friendly way. The loyalty of our clients is obtained, who participate actively in the commercial activity of the business. It maintains his levels of purchases, faithful to our brand and our intentions, being in addition multiplying elements to great it was worth for the pick up of new consumers or users. One close relation with our clients is fortified and this contributes, effectively, to create and to maintain a constant informative channel that it provides to us with useful data more and more to develop to products and services in agreement with his needs.

To make relational marketing


  • Many of the things possible to realise around the clients can be carried out by means of the use of the social networks. In as much, it will be necessary to tell on a good management of networks and an elaborated good campaign to such aims. Among others, we have:
  • Postsales services. She is a new client or no, is due to contact to offer some type to him of support or also half to clarify doubts, to give our gratefulness him. All this with the firm intention to gain and to maintain its confidence in our business. This can be realised by means of e-mail (preferable) or called telephone.
  • Social networks. To maintain our presence in social networks and, by that route, also to create bonds with our clients. In this sense he is vital to maintain a interactivity level. The client does not have to only be following of a fan page or channel, must have the possibility of staying in touch and of receiving answers.
  • Programs of Loyalty. One is to create groups, as species of service or or User's club (on), as well as to grant possibilities to him of discounts to future, access to new products, among others.

Groups of interest

The workers, who carry out their work and impel the productive force of the business, are very good magnificent member allies and of the Network of Marketing. In such sense it is necessary to give the participation level them that allows them to feel involved, it jeopardize and valued. Also usually they are component multipliers of recommendations on products and services. The workers are also consuming of our products and services, therefore, are of extreme advantage to offer discounts and facilities to them. The other conformantes of the interest groups must be taken care of from all point of view the aims to gain their confidence and collaboration. To maintain the suppliers to the day with its respective payments is vital, are the allies that provide the consumptions for the production. We must allow them in addition to comprise of the image of the brand if in this way they can project his own business, subject that will entail to harness its commitment with our company. In summary, it is necessary to activate all the channels, policies, campaigns, that allow us to strengthen bows of positive form with all the network of marketing, of positive and lasting form in the time. It is to consider that the majors profits of Relational Marketing will be seen medium term.

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