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Viral marketing

To spread messages of massive form emulating to a virus, is what we could indicate as techniques of Viral Marketing. It is possible to think, very commonly, that when some information becomes viral is a fortuitous or net accidental subject. Then, the campaigns of Viral Marketing are a reality, thought well and logically applied, something in which the luck plays a role, but not of first plane. The initial base of the campaigns of Viral Marketing is to cause high impact, consequently the diffusion of the promotional elements (announcements, videos or images) to such point is promoted, that in a very short time it is possible to be managed to arrive at many people. It has this some valuation for some business? Clear that yes. It is possible to remove much benefit, commercially speaking to him, to any campaign of this type, from improving the image of the company to promoting the purchase of an article or service of massive form. Viral Marketing implies certain risk, but handled suitably it is a powerful tool to reach commercial objectives after any business.

What is him viral marketing?

To point the Viral term envelope which we know as Marketing means the diffusion of publicity and promotion emulating to the computer viruses. The massive diffusion of a message can be obtained, so that a quite short time arrives at very many people, thanks to the fact that the propitious public, of exponential form, such diffusion. Occasionally some video or image is made viral. Much people see it, it likes and of that form it shares it by different means in fast form. Social networks, e-mails, text messages, according to are the case. For it different types from devices as desktop computers can use, laptops, tablets and smartphones. And the reason that causes this, is the great impact of the message and its content. Bond to stand out that, in the diffusion process, the public participates actively. Not only they contribute to the diffusion of the content, but they add opinions that complement the information, which can be positive or negative. One of the qualities that the assiduous use of the social networks provides, is indeed the possibility of participating and this is something totally necessary in this type of campaign. The interest that can wake up a viral campaign, of first hand, will be appreciable in the amount of opinions that can generate on the content, in addition to the times that share.

Fundamental elements of viral marketing

The message

What initiates a campaign of Viral Marketing is the message or the publicity. This element can be text, image or video. Also it can be a precise combination of these three things, often presented as an informed fact, that it wakes up much interest and astonishment in the public to whom goes directed.

The public

Viral Marketing uses the public so that it helps to spread to the message or promotion him that is required to make arrive from fast form. If he obtains the wished impact, indeed the public collaborates, making his part. In such sense, a public goal of entrance pays attention (or it bases), to which it is necessary to cause the initial impact. In this respect, Viral Marketing implies in addition the knowledge precise on the characteristics to the public whom it is wanted to seduce, to say it of some form.

The means

Usually he is used initial means to give loose rein to a viral content, but the public will be in charge to multiply the message by different channels if it is necessary. In such sense, the message must have the characteristics that allow to make such diffusion. The main means used for Viral Marketing are the social networks, dice the great amount of users who maintain their presence in the same, as Facebook, for example.


The main advantages that Viral Marketing offers can be summarized in three:

Firstly, his low cost. The impression of thousands of posters throughout a city is not required to make a promotion, neither to pay great amount of money for televising time, nor to either disburse a great amount of money to main newspapers to use its central page. Then no, nothing of that. It will be enough with creating an attractive content, thought well, that it generates great impression and it likes much to the public, so that causes the anxieties to them to share it. For that reason, it is gone mainly to the social networks.

In second term, we have the reach. As well it is known, which is obtained with Viral Marketing not only is to generate the diffusion of the message of fast form, but also in ample form, on a large scale. A viral content can spread inclusively at world-wide level. In a campaign of Viral Marketing conducted good always will exceed the expectations on the amount of people that is desired to reach.

Finally, always these campaigns affect the image or marks of the business. If it obtains good impact, that is to say, if the application of these strategies provides the wished effects, then the corporative image will receive a great accolade as far as its projection. Be always understood well.


The application of Viral Marketing tour around the necessity to quickly spread a message towards great amount of pubic. In addition, it tries to cause the necessary impression with a view to improving the image of the business, presenting a new product and to stimulate his purchase. Nevertheless, in the application of the techniques, good part of the activity is into the hands of the public, who can influence the same content of the message when sharing it. In as much, if the impression caused by the diffusion is not positive, then it will be ended up doing viral a content that could negatively affect the image of the business and the one of the product. That is to say, that a campaign could leave control, arriving the message from distorted form and causing a damage on the pretensions to make a diffusion that ensures commercial success to us. By such reason, the application of this cannot be left at random, must well be designed and be planned. If the sufficient experience in its application is had surely these risks will be very little.

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