Webpages to increase its sales and business online

At present the families of a single father, the union in pair of two professionals and the families with two uses, undergo the ardent necessity of the consumer: more time. The people who belong to some nontraditional familiar structures, suffer excessive stress due to the obligations of the work or of the home and they are discovered crushed against many of the daily tasks. Many clients to realise any type of purchase a heavy work or something has been transformed into worse.

Which is the antidote for the time insufficiency?

The answer is in the new services and the characteristics on watch that offer the retailers in order to rescue something of time for the consumer. New and innovating services, as taking care of to the mascots, watering the plants, infantile council in weddings, day-care centers, executive organization, personal purchases (personal shopper) and even, the preparation to stay in form, arose for doing against the workings that before made the family, but who at this moment the consumer whom he looks for to save time, can acquire the traditional services, among them the banking ones, retail sale, through Internet in the Webs of retail product services, as much of sale, as of hiring of services, with the purpose of saving time in order to facilitate the purchases, extending the purchase capacity, in any schedule, so that his clients they can realise his personal purchases, in a while relaxed and from any place, being brief the time of the transactions, facilitating the access to the sales, improving the shipments and giving to merchandise or services at home or at work.

The main objective of the producers and professionals of services is identical to the one of all the other experts: to develop and to provide supplies that satisfy the needs and the expectations with the client, in this way to assure its own economic survival. In other words, it is necessary that the professionals of the service can close the problem that exists between the expectations and perceptions of the client, through the services formulated in the Web. With the purpose of to reach this objective, the suppliers of services need to include the form in which the consumers choose or evaluate their supply on watch and sale of their products in the network. Unfortunately, almost everything what it is known on the processes of evaluation of the consumer talks about in specific to products. The generalized supposition seems to consider that, although the services are not identical to products, at least in the mind of the consumer they are as similar as to be chosen and to be evaluated in the same way.

The consumers have more problems when evaluating and to choose the services that the products, partly because the services intangible and are not standardized, and partly because its consumption is closely tie with its production. These characteristics lead to the differences between the evaluation processes that the client applies to products and the services during all the stages of the purchase process. This chapter is organized in the four stages of the purchase process:

  • Search of information, through the information reflected in the webpage of the supplier of the service or product.
  • Evaluation of the alternatives, through the Web of others, or is competition or commentaries of the product or service.
  • Purchase and consumption of the product or service.
  • Evaluation of post sale, doing reference to the supplied thing with the wished thing, and the form of delivery.

The lack of knowledge on the form in which the client evaluates and chooses the services or products in anyone of these four fundamental stages, generates a problem in the client that the professionals and suppliers must cover, considering the very objectives that wish to reach.

The qualities search are the attributes that the consumer can determine before buying the product and the qualities of experience, the attributes that only can be distinguished after the purchase or during the consumption. Between these qualities search they understand the color, the style, the price, the adjustment, the sensation of proximity created by the given information; the experience qualities include the flavor and the ease of use. A level of qualities search is high when it is products as automobiles, clothes, furniture and jewels, thanks to the fact that the attributes of products can determine and be evaluated, almost completely, before his purchase unlike which they do not go has to be tried through the network.

On the other hand, the level of the experience qualities is high in products and services, as for example some vacation, services of food at home, services of consultant's office, medical services, because their attributes do not allow to know nor to evaluate products but until they are bought and they are consumed. In the third category the credibility qualities are included, that are characteristics that the consumer can practically find impossible to even evaluate after the purchase and the consumption. As examples of supplies with high levels of credibility qualities are a surgery and the adjustment of the brakes of an automobile, because very few consumers count on the sufficient medical experience or mechanical to be able to evaluate if the services in truth are necessary or if they are realised of appropriate way, even after the salesman prescribed them and he produced them. Of there the importance at the time of choosing a good professional, to realise concrete services, which can help them to have a success business in line.

That can accompany to them through knowledge acquired on means, also helping with the best strategies, to be able to implement its business in the network, and to obtain benefits from the first month of business, to support and to amortize the expenses of the creation and promotion of the webpages.