Policy of Cookies

Policy of Cookies

The cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are sent to the hard disk of the computer of the client through navigating Web in order that the systems of the Web can recognize the navigator of the user and power to serve better or to improve the functionalities of the page.

Does Bloomees.es use cookies?

In wuam.es we did not use cookies, we understand the importance of safe and anonymous navigation, for that reason we did not collect any information on his navigation nor used it, so that their navigation is totally anonymous.

They are compraten, they yielded or to sell the data successfully obtained in wuam.es?

Bloomees.es does not communicate, sells, rents or shares the personal character data of the users with companies, organizations or natural people other people's to wuam.es.

As I can avoid to reecibir the cookies of wuam.es?

It is not necessary to avoid them since in wuam.es we did not use cookies.