Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The accomplishment of an order in wuam.es implies the knowledge and the acceptance of the present terms and conditions as well as of the documents to which this document makes reference.

Bloomees S.l.u with its registered domain wuam.es belongs to the company Bloomees S.l.u with the CIF: ESB36461499 with fiscal address on the street Doctor Ferm­n Garc­a D­az number 11, 2º left. Calda de Reyes (Pontevedra), Spain. He can put itself in touch direct with us through e-mail: through form of contact of this webpage or by means of telephone: +34 644 87 29 14 of Monday through Friday from 10,00 to 14,00 in schedule morning and 17,00 to 19,00 in afternoon schedule.

Age necessary to make an order?

When realising an order in wuam.es assures that he is greater of 18 years.

In order to realise an order in wuam.es it is necessary to realise a registry as user in the Web for which they are necessary data to be able to realise the shipment of products correctly, to contact and to inform to the usuary one on the state of his order. It must read our page of €œPrivacy€ to inquire into the treatment that we will do of his data.

In order to realise an order in wuam.es it must know and follow the indications set out in €œas buying€ of the Web.

The accepted methods of payment are Paypal, payment by banking transference. It is not allowed to use data nor instruments of payment of third people.

The use of a bank account, credit card or account of Paypal implies to be the holder of the same or to own the explicit right to use it, these methods of payment must own the credit sufficient to cover the costs with the purchase of the product in wuam.es.

It has the responsibility to correctly cover the data necessary to be able to finalize the transaction successfully, we did not take responsibility of errors in the delivery direction if it has not provided the correct direction in the form of the order.

We took responsibility to realise the delivery of the order in the shipment direction that appears in the order.

We cannot guarantee an exact date or a schedule for the delivery of a product, the downtimes of an order are of 48Hr. for products in stock (through contact form).

Procedure of Orders

The acceptance and emission of an order will become effective at the moment at which the user or client finalizes the order. By technical causes the synchronization of the Web wuam.es with the suppliers of services is not instantaneous. In addition, in the period of time while a client realises an order in the portal until we received and we processed the payment voucher some product could run out itself. By the previous thing, the case that could be given we cannot serve an order for want of stock. When it is not possible to serve a product for want of stock, wuam.es will be put in touch with the client to communicate it, to annul the order and to realise the return of the money.

When it receives the order verifies that the packing is in correct conditions, without breakage, openings of the package before signing the defense, conserves it for possible future consultations.

It must make sure being able to receive his order without illegal delays, in case of not being able to receive the order, the company of paqueter­a will let a card of passage with the instructions to arrange one second delivery or the collection of the package in the offices of the own company.

We will not be, under any concept, people in charge by economic losses (including, declarative but for a reason or purpose nonlimiting, loss of income, dismissed, lost profit of contracts, businesses or predicted savings), lost of data, lost basic of commerce or loss of reputation or by any special, indirect, consequent or punitive damages and or damages, whatever its nature or the form in which they are originated.

Prices with IVA including

The prices shown in wuam.es are with IVA already including, in no case will be prices without IVA soon to add them to the total.

These Conditions of use of the Web will be in force and interpret according to the Spanish laws and jurisdiction to solve any controversy that can arise between the parts.