Store online, marketing of products or services

At the time of creating a store in the network, it is necessary to have many things in account, normally, when it is not the producer of the product that is sold, that is in most of the cases of commerces online, is necessary to consider which really we cannot make marketing of products, but on the contrary what it is developed is an activity on watch, which is lent towards the public generally and the brands that imagine, is important to distinguish that the marketing of the product must it make the producer of the same, on the contrary the manager of the commerce online, which must work is the marketing of services that is totally different to the product marketing.

The first steps to consider begin in the difference that exists between the expectations and the perceptions of the client, where the expectations are the datum points that the clients have obtained little by little through their experiences with the services. On the other hand, the perceptions reflect the form in which indeed the service is received. The idea consists of which the companies, in order to satisfy their clients and to construct long term relations with them, wish to close the problem between which it is expected and what it is received. Nevertheless, the model proposes that to close the necessity of the client, which has the greater importance, it is necessary to close the other four problems, that is to say, those of the company or supplier of the service that is the causes that originate the problems of the client.

Frequent errors when creating a project eCommerce:

  • Not to know what the client hopes. To go ahead to the needs of the client, with the promotion of all the points necessary to facilitate and to make agile the sale of the products that are supplied.
  • Not to select to the design nor the correct standards of the service. Very important to have a manual of visible resolution of conflicts for the client before realising the purchase, in addition to an agile system of attention to the client to solve its problems.
  • Not to give to the service or product with the standards on watch. When establishing a period by which to the products or services are given, it is necessary to count with time necessary to be able to give in time, which the client has bought.
  • Not to equal the performance with the promises. In the description of products and services to contain an exact description of the content of the same one to avoid errors of understanding on the part of the client, and still established with total clarity and anteriority, the company must have protocols of action and help for the possible clients who or have not read the indications or that have simply not understood them or.

One of the main reasons by which the companies do not fulfill the expectations of the clients through its commerce online is in the lack of precise understanding, about which they are those expectations. Therefore, a breach exists between which the company perceives on the expectations of the client, and what the client really hopes. Even though the company manages to understand with clarity the expectations of its clients, can exist problems if that knowledge is not translated to designs and standards on watch, oriented to the potential clients.

Once the company has the designs and the standards, it can seem, that she is ready to serve of high quality. This is certain, but still it is not sufficient. It must have systems, processes and people who assure that the execution of the service indeed equals or even it surpasses the established designs and standards.

  • To indeed fulfill or to surpass the expectations of the client. At the moment at which the company counts the necessary thing yet to fulfill or to surpass the expectations of the client, it must make sure that the promises that are formulated the clients they are equaled and so it is provided. Immediate goal in the creation of a business in line is necessary to consider the emptiness that exists between the perceptions and the expectations of the client. If the supplier wants to obtain the previous thing is necessary that it makes specific the four problems that previously I described, aside from the discrepancies within the organization that inhibit the delivery of a service of quality. The model of the problems is due to focus in the strategies and the processes that the companies can use with the purpose of to impel a service of excellence.
  • The perceptions of the client are subjective valuations of real experiences. On the other hand, the expectations of the client are the standards or the datum points of the performance against which the experiences are compared, and often they are formulated in terms of which the client thinks that she would have to happen or who she is going to happen. For example, when an expensive restaurant is visited, it is hoped to receive certain level of attention, considerably different from which hopes to obtain in a fast restaurant of food, and also, it is what goes has to happen when a business settles down in line.
  • The sources of the expectations of the client, are formed by some factors that the professional controls (as prices, publicity and promises of sale), just like by others in whom the professional one little can influence (innate personal needs, oral communication, competitive supplies). In an ideal world, the expectations and the perceptions would be identical. Being what they would have to perceive, it corresponds and so they had thought to receive and to deserve. Actually often, or even generally certain distance between these concepts is observed. In very general terms it is possible to be shelp that the goal is to lie down a bridge, that one distances, reason why we must worry us to facilitate to the maximum, the needs of our clients to differentiate us from our competition, at the moment at which a great difference or improvement of the service settles down that him loans to our clients through our page, we are creating simultaneously new standards, new products on watch, that will maintain to us simultaneously differentiated and favourites, thus eliminating, or supplanting to the competition.
  • Process of evaluation of the client. An endless number of evidences indicates that the processes of evaluation of the consumer differ when is about products or services and that these differences affect the form which the suppliers of services commercialize their organizations. Unfortunately, much than it is not known and it has been written about the processes of evaluation of the clients is related of particular way to products. The generalized supposition apparently, although the services are not identical to products, at least in the mind of the consumer they are the quite similar thing as being chosen and being evaluated in the same way.
  • Valuation of products or services and real perception of the client. Because the satisfaction of the client and the approach in the client was transformed into crucial aspects of the competitiveness of the companies in the Nineties, nowadays we must be oriented in providing a service of quality, home to understand with clarity his clients. By that reason, we considered that the best conduit to design efficient services consists of understanding what the clients wish and how they value what they receive, to be able to arrive more good, to the greater amount of public, adapting so much the needs of the company, with the one of the clients, to establish, a constant relation of business, offering a point differentiator between the wished product, the service of excellence, and the perception than the client she hopes to obtain.

The importance of the implementation of a business in line is not based on the election of the system to use for being able to arrive at the clients, but on the form in which that system is used to be able to be successful in our business online. To identify all the previously saying, focused on the basis of study of the competition, being offered a great differentiation, so that the client creates a bond with us of by life with the store online.